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About Alternate Energy

At Alternate Energy, solar installation is all we do. We understand the needs of property owners since that’s who we talk to every day, all day. Whether you decide to purchase or finance your system, our focus is on making this process as simple and hassle-free for you as possible.

Since 1974, we have been passionate about making solar a viable option for all homeowners and business owners.

Our award-winning service:

Hi-technology resources, and years of local solar expertise saves time, while delivering expert solar solutions and options for your home.

Easy: No house call required for an initial quote, experts take care of all the rebate and credits paperwork.

Full Service:

System/individual panel monitoring, warranty & performance you can bank on.


You get "paid" 2 ways, Electric Savings $348.88 Monthly Average
SRECs $465.17 Monthly Average
Total $814.05
Cash Investment

High Yield: Solar "Savings Account" generates estimated double-digit return:

28% Annual Return or $9,768.64 PER YEAR

Affordable: $0 down and low monthly payments. Take advantage of today's low interest rates. Many of our clients are getting "paid" to go solar!

Monthly Savings & SRECs $814.05 Monthly Payment $337.40 You will get "paid" to go solar, an estimated $476.66 per month once the SRECs kick in

Your Utility Without Proposed Solar

Eversource Utility Bill, based on past year's data 17169
Total Annual 19936 Rate/KWhr $0.21 SREC/KWhr $0.28
Solar Savings $9,768.64 $4,186.56 $5,582.08
Avg/month $814.05

Solar Savings Details - Discover the Difference

Summary: Sample Costs for Electricity Options, in Today's Dollars

Alternate Energy Difference, monthly

  Cost Without Solar Cost of "Big-Box" or "Free" Solar (= You Get Paid) with Alternate Energy*
Monthly Cost>> $348.88 $249.20 $(124.93)
Difference>>> $473.81 $374.13

Alternate Energy Difference, over 1 years

1 year cost>> $4,186.56 $2,990.40 $(1,499.20)
Difference>>> $5,685.76 $4,489.60

Alternate Energy Difference, over 5 years

5 year cost>> $20,932.80 $14,952.00 $(7,496.02)
Difference>>> $28,428.82 $22,448.02

Alternate Energy Difference, over 10 years

10 year>> $41,865.60 $29,904.00 $(14,992.04)
Difference>>> $56,857.64 $44,896.04

Alternate Energy Difference, over 20 years

20 year cost> $83,731.20 $59,808.00 $(14,992.04)
Difference>>> $98,723.24 $74,800.04
*Over 10 years, the SRECash alone pays for your solar home improvement! Your Cost/KWhr is $(0.10)